It takes a bit of time for almost everyone dealing with hair loss to accept reality! The very first question of denial that hits you is, isn’t that something which happened to friends and family only? How come it is happening to me? It is only a bit of time has elapsed that you finally wake up to the fact that you suffer from this problem and your hairline is receding and your hair density is thinning.
There is no point, really in going into a defensive mould while dealing with hair loss. Experts here at often come across queries like, should I stop wearing caps and hats to minimize hair fall? These are just baseless notions creeping into your head because you are at your wit’s end in trying to figure out a way to deal with this problem. While we are at it, let it be said here that hair loss is not caused or facilitated by the use of caps and hats!

Dealing With Hair Loss - Hair Transplantation Clinic in Kolkata
You need to be proactive in dealing with this problem. Instead of relying on chance, do some studying. Find out more about the shampoo you are using or the chemicals involved. Is there a better alternative in the market for your kind of scalp? Shampoos and hair oils, even conditioners, have a strong influence on hair fall. If you are using the right products, at the right frequency levels, you are in a better position to slow down hair loss and then arrest it altogether.
Some have hair loss embedded in their genes. There is precious little you can in such cases and they certainly don’t involve fighting against your genes! You have to be more careful about taking care of your hair. If there are genetic indications but they have not manifested themselves yet, you can take precautionary steps before the syndrome sets in. You can speak with professionals in the field. Sometimes, hair loss is caused by skin diseases involving the scalp. In such cases, you are better off by checking with a dermatologist. In case your hair loss persists the better solution will be to go with hair reconstruction treatment.
Also, it makes no sense if you leave your hair unattended simply because you find hair strands falling off when you comb. Leaving the hair in a mess stops the natural growth of hair. You may prevent short-term loss but the hair follicles slip into a dormant stage when they are not combed or handled for long periods of time. Then, you will eventually lose the hair strands and find that there is little hair growth to replace their absence.
Speak to our experts at, the best hair transplant clinic in Kolkata about hair care and hair loss prevention.

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