Rapid hair loss is a problem which is prevalent not just among males but also a growing problem for woman of all ages in India. The reasons for this are many. These include hormonal problems, lifestyle factors like stress, improper nutrition, lack of sleep, increasing pollution and other factors.

Apart from preventing hair loss dry, dull hair is something which you as a woman do not like and always look forward for healthy hair. But to do that you need to nourish your hair. With the rising pollution levels and exposure to sunlight, this becomes more essential for you. You need to nourish your hair by having protein rich foods give oil massages, use good shampoo-conditioner and hair products. But apart from the regular hair treatments a hair spa is also a very effective way for maintaining healthy hair.

What is hair spa?

Hair Spa | Prevent Hair Loss | Hair loss treatment in Kolkata

Hair spa is a conditioning treatment used to remedy dandruff, scalp ageing, mental stress, dull and frizzy hair, and hair impurities. Hair spas also deep condition, thicken the hair, normalize oil secretion and re hydrate hair. These are mostly done in hair salons but you can also do in your home as well.

The entire process of hair spa generally takes approximately takes about 40 to 45 minutes. First oil is added to the scalp and your hair during hair spa. This is followed by a 10 minute scalp massage during the shampoo. A deep conditioning hair mask is also massaged into your hair for about 20 to 25 minutes thereafter. Conditioner cream would also be applied from the root of your hair to the hair tip.

How hair spa helps in making your hair healthy?

Hair spa helps in enhancing hair growth. In case you colour your hair or have straightened it, then a few sessions of hair spa are absolutely essential for your hair. It also distresses you from a busy life style. Normally mild shampoo and conditioner are used during hair spa. This makes your hair look much healthier. It would also help you by rectifying problems like hair fall, dandruff, protein enhancement and lots more. The massage done on your scalp during the process would help you relax and enhances blood circulation to the scalp and hair follicles making them stronger. Steaming your hair during hair spa helps your hair to regain the lost moisture. However you need to ensure that it is a mist based steam for best results. The process also helps to clear the dirt or impurities which might have accumulated on your scalp over a period of time.

The benefits of hair spa are many. It has therefore gained popularity among-st women in recent times. It is one of the ways to prevent dandruff and also helps to prevent hair loss to some extent. However to ensure better hair health along with hair spas you also need to eat a healthy and balanced diet.

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