For you it may be a horror to see you have lost clusters of hair, either on your hairbrushes and combs. It could be even worse to see the same on the bathroom floor. A lot of both ladies and men of all ages are suffering from rapid hair loss currently. In case you are one of the many you always might be on the lookout for solutions to the problem. So we are sure that you would grab any effective solution to treat the problem of hair loss. With the growing problem almost everyone is looking to provide solutions today. “Anti Hair fall” treatment shampoos have become popular. However before you resort to any hair loss treatment solution, you need to make sure that it is effective. Through this blog we would try to explore how effective Anti Hair fall shampoos available in the market are.

Anti Hair fall shampoos

The market has got hundreds of products specially made to combat the problem of hair fall. But choosing the best amongst them for you could indeed be a daunting task. There is no wonder that some of them could be effective in case your problem is just starting. Let us see some of the more popular ones.

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  • Anti hair fall Shampoos generally contain Ceramide

According to leading hair transplant surgeons in Kolkata, most of the anti hair fall treatment shampoos usually contain Ceramide which is a natural component of the hair cuticle. In damaged hair, the ceramides are missing and results in dull, coarse and dry hair. Thus hair breaks easily leading to rapid hair loss. The Ceramide holds the Scales of the hair cuticle together. This makes the hair healthier results and results in smooth and lustrous hair.

  • Other ingredients which might help in hair health

Lactyl 10 is another component found in some of the anti hair fall shampoos which is known to reduce hair fall. Apart from this it also helps to combat dryness, roughness, dullness and split ends. Apart from this some of the better known anti hair fall shampoos are enriched with Soya Vitamin complex.

Along with these, there are certain shampoos which claim to deliver a triple anti-hair fall action. This is by nourishing the hair root, restructuring the hair fiber, and making the hair strong and supple.

  • The cause of hair loss needs to be assessed first

In case you have just realized that you are rapidly losing hair, it is important that the cause for the same is identified. Hair loss occurs on account a host of reasons. These could be due to genetic factors or hormonal factors like Androgenetic Alopecia to others like excessive stress, lack of proper nutrition in your diet.

So in case your problem of rapid hair loss has just started it is ok to experiment with some of the leading Anti Hair fall treatment shampoos. But you need to assess the results closely. In case you find that there is satisfactory progress then you continue using such shampoos. But if not then you must immediately visit a reliable hair loss treatment clinic and have the problem treated. Dr. J.K.Saha is one of the leading hair transplant surgeons in Kolkata. To know more please visit our website.

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