It is true that dandruff by itself may not be the main cause of hair loss. Though many dermatologists and hair specialists may not consider it to be a very serious problem, but if left untreated your scalp can become very itchy and inflamed, which ultimately may cause temporary hair loss. You might also note that during winter the problem of dandruff might often get aggravated. During this season your skin for one becomes dry and dead skin cells start surfacing. This drying is not limited only to your skin, but also a common problem for your scalp as well. Owing to the excessive dryness, the dead cells from the scalp start forming tiny flakes and start falling off.

Here are 6 simple ways to prevent the problem of dandruff in this winter.

Moisturize your scalp

To prevent the excessiveness dryness, the prime cause of dandruff, hair specialists say that it is important that maintain the necessary moisture levels on your scalp, especially in the winter. You need to use the right shampoo and a gentle moisturizing conditioner for your scalp during the winter season.

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Add adequate amounts of Vitamin B and Zinc to your diet

It is necessary for you to have an adequate amount of vitamin B and Zinc in your diet for maintaining good scalp health. Along with this, you must also have good quantities of omega 3 fatty acids! These are usually found in walnuts, eggs, leafy vegetables etc.

Best to avoid excessive hair styling products

According to hair transplant experts in Kolkata it is best for you not use excessive hair styling products during the cold season. This is because the skin and scalp are already dry and the hair is deprived of moisture, they can get easily affected by chemicals and this might result in the itchy scalp which in turn gives rise to dandruff.

Avoid Washing your hair with warm water frequently

Along with other things mentioned above, it is very important for you to avoid washing hair too many times. Washing your hair with warm water would l dry your scalp and can lead to dandruff causing hair loss. It is, therefore, best to avoid using scalding hot water on your head; instead use lukewarm water or the coolest water you can stand to wash your hair, to keep dandruff at bay.

Use warm coconut and olive oil for massaging scalp

It is best that you gently massage your scalp with warm olive oil or coconut oil and rinse the same off after an hour or so. You need to use mild shampoos and conditioners. You could also add a few drops of an aromatic oil such as lavender oil to boost the therapy. With this not only will you be rid of dandruff in no time, you will also have strong luscious hair at the same time as well.

Try to remain calm and composed at all times

It is also seen that dandruff could be caused by extreme stress along with other factors like not properly washing off hair care products. In case of the former ensure you take enough rest and eat healthily. In the latter case, ensure you rinse your scalp thoroughly to make sure there are no mousse or hair styling products left behind.

We hope that the 6 simple steps mentioned above will help you to combat your problem of dandruff during the winter.


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