The appearance of dandruff on your shoulder might cause you to feel embarrassed at times. According to the hair transplant surgeons, Dandruff is a very common scalp disorder many suffer from. You may often wonder why it happens. You might also want to know whether it can lead to rapid loss of hair. These are very common questions. These have become all the more relevant at times when many youths are suffering from baldness and rapid hair loss. Being one of the leading hair loss treatment clinics in Kolkata we at ByebyeBaldy thought it right to answer 5 very common questions in regard to dandruff in this blog.

What you always wanted to know about dandruff?

  1. What is the cause of dandruff and dry scalp?

There are many reasons which cause dandruff. The oil which is produced by the scalp causes the dead skin cells clump together. They then form white flakes. It can be the result of dry skin, yeast like fungus or other skin conditions.

  1. How could you get rid of it?

One of the best ways of preventing dandruff is by using anti-dandruff products. Instead of using chemical laden hair products you could opt for home remedies too. One of the best home remedies is by using lemon juice on your scalp. All you need to do is just massage 2 tablespoons of lemon juice on your scalp and thereafter rinse it with water. The acidity in the lemon juice helps to balance the pH level of your scalp. This would help you to prevent it and also keep your scalp clean.dandruff | hair loss treatment in Kolkata| hair fall therapy | hair transplant surgeon | Kolkata

  1. How to prevent a dry scalp? 

Application of warm oil on your scalp is a good way to prevent dry scalp. You need to make use of nourishing hair oils like coconut oil for oiling your scalp. You need to apply the warm oil on your scalp and wrap a hot towel over your head to trap in the heat. This helps in both nourishing your scalp and also helps to moisturize it. 

  1. What are the vitamins the deficiencies of which could lead to dry scalp? 

Dry scalp could be the result of the deficiency of certain vitamins. These include Vitamin B, vitamin B6, and vitamin B12 to be specific.  So have diets which are rich in these vitamins which include certain fruits, vegetables and whole grain cereals. 

  1. Can dandruff lead to rapid hair loss? 

It is true that dandruff by itself may not cause rapid hair loss or baldness. But it is left untreated your scalp could get very itchy and thus inflamed. This, in turn, could lead to temporary hair loss. This is why it is important to keep dandruff at bay by the use of certain home remedies and the right anti-dandruff shampoo as mentioned above. In case you find that the problem has become a recurring one it is important that you consult a dermatologist. 

In conclusion, we hope that the blog will help you to clarify some of your queries in regard to dandruff. In case you are looking for the most effective hair loss treatment then please visit us Bye bye Baldy the leading hair loss treatment clinic in Kolkata


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