Hair transplantation or hair transplant surgeries in recent times have gained great popularity. There is a reason for this as well. One truth you would know is that much of the youth of India is now suffering from rapid hair loss and baldness. Whatever is the reason, but the fact remains that the problems have many psychological adversities associated with it. This is why the young generation would do almost anything to have the problem effectively treated.

In this respect, hair transplant surgeries have become the perfect solution. However along with it there a lot of myths associated with it as well. We at Bye Bye Baldy being one of the leading clinics in hair loss treatment in Kolkata like to point out below common myths you should be aware of.

Hair Transplantation: myths you should be aware of 

  1. Hair transplant might cause problems to the brain, head and eyes

This is absolutely not true. You must know that the entire procedure if done correctly is completely safe and do not have any kind of harmful or side effects on the brain, head and eyes. The reason is that the procedure involves extraction and work on only the outer layer of the scalp out of the total 5 layers

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  1. The hair which is transplanted cannot grow as they are artificial

The actual fact is that the process of hair transplantation involves extraction of the patient’s actual hair and transplanting the same in the bald area of the patient. The hair extracted generally retains the properties of activeness and is usually loss resistant. This leads to the continuous growth of the hair even after they are rearranged.

  1. Hair transplantation and extraction is painful

There is often a common fear amongst many that the process of hair transplantation is very painful. But actually, local anesthesia is used before the procedure. Owing to the numbness on the scalp, you would not feel much pain or discomfort during extraction or transplant in case you undergo one. 

  1. You would be able to identify transplanted hair from original hair

This again is a myth which you must be aware of. If the procedure is rightly carried out you can get great results. A good hair transplant surgeon has the artistic skills too. He would be able to minimize the scars from the transplant in a short period of time. Once the scars gradually fade away, you would not be able to detect the difference between real hairs and transplanted one.

  1. Hair transplants do not survive lifetime

During transplants, loss resistant follicles are transplanted. These follicles are not affected by the usual hair loss causes. After the surgery, the transplanted hair may shed in 3-4 weeks. This is a natural process. The follicles that are transplanted start growing within 6-7 weeks and would usually last a lifetime.

To conclude we hope we have been able to clear the myths you might have had in the past regarding hair transplant. You must also note that the role of the hair transplant surgeon is critical. This is why you must have your hair transplant surgery done from the right place by an eminent hair transplant surgeon.


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