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Avail the most cost effective hair transplantation solution. Book an appointment with Dr. Jayanta Kumar Saha of Bye Bye Baldy, one of the leading Hair Transplant Surgeons in Kolkata. Get the latest hair fall solutions from our expert hair transplant surgeon. We also specialize in treating Androgenic alopecia, Body Hair Transplant, Hair Reconstruction Surgery, Eyelash Hair Transplant, Burnt eyebrow hair transplantation, mustache hair transplant. We give you the most reliable and trusted solution to your problem. So step into our exclusive hair transplant clinic and say bye bye to hair loss problem.

Hair Transplantation: The Most Popular Hair loss Treatment Procedure

Are you suffering from Hair Loss Problems or Baldness? If that is so, then you are not the only one. Hair Loss problem was prevalent mainly amongst the middle aged only about a decade ago. However, the entire scenario has changed dramatically, with growing numbers of both males and females suffering from this menace of rapid hair loss. The ultimate treatment for hair loss is hair transplantation, also known as hair grafting. We at ByeByeBaldy being one of the best hair transplantation clinics specialize in Hair Transplant Surgery in Kolkata.

Causes of Hair Loss

The hair loss problem may have several causes some of which may be on account of hormonal reasons like Androgenic Alopecia. Studies show it causes up to 70% of hair loss in males and 40% of hair losses in females. Others may be lifestyle factors like excessive stress, regularly skipping meals and lack of nutrition, excessive use of harmful hair styling products, etc. But whatever be the reason the popularity of hair transplant surgeries as the main hair loss treatment has grown by leaps and bounds.

Initial Symptoms and Types of Hair Loss

So if you are suffering from gradual thinning of hairs, circular patchy bald spots, patching scaling over the head etc, beware. They may be the initial signs of rapid hair loss and baldness and you must visit the right hair treatment centre at the right time.

We at ByeByeBaldy under the leadership of Dr. Jayanta Kumar Saha, one of the most competent Hair Transplant Surgeons in Kolkata would provide you with the best Hair Transplantation Treatment for a quick recovery from this problem. For further information about Hair Transplantation in Kolkata, Call us or Email Us.

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